Dr Dharmesh Mehta is a promoter of Human Rights, animal wellbeing and considers Open Knowledge as a healthy new pattern coming up in our world, since people and societies can become more and more healthy and prosperous, while sharing resources. Knowledge is a precious instrument for human being to develop, exit comfort zones, heal and find the correct path through this life (Dharma). For these reasons, and more, Dr Dharmesh Mehta decided to share with the world an impressive amount of Knowledge, for free.

We, his students, are profoundly inspired by our Guru because he is exceptionally generous with us and with the entire world. He is a fascinating example of wisdom, balance, integrity, modesty and “self-inflicted, unconditional happiness”!  *We are still wondering how he does it! :) 

We are truly impressed by Dr Mehta’s human model and we acknowledge his originality, true skills to impregnate wisdom in people and positive voluntary contribution to a better world, through Shared Knowledge as well as individual mentoring and consultations.

Those who watch these free videos shared by him with the world must not take them as “for granted” but as a great privilege.  

We wish you great success in lifetime learning !

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please contact my assistant Mystique

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