In Module 2 | Advanced Vedic Astrology Dr Dharmesh Mehta will teach you the following:


  • Practical System of prediction as per Parashara System

  • Various techniques of interpretation such as:

    • Horary Astrology (Prashna Kundli)

    • Progress Chart (Yearly Chart)

    • Introduction to Panchanga

    • Muhurta (Good Omens)

    • Ashtakvarga

    • Bhinashtakvarga and Transit

    • Divisional charts D2, D12, D16, D30, D60

    • Matchmaking rules

  • Practical applications on Matchmaking charts

  • Examples and fascinating study cases, to fix your knowledge and help you mastering the Advanced skills in Vedic Astrology, in a confident way.

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please contact my assistant Mystique

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