Module 1 | Basics of Vedic Astrology

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In Module 1 | Basics of Vedic Astrology Dr Dharmesh Mehta will teach you the following:
- what are the best online tools and apps to use

- what are the 12 Signs and how to understand them

- what are the 12 Houses in Vedic Chart

- how to understand the 9 Planets
- how to discover and utilise the 27 Nakshatras
- how each Planet behaves in each of the 12 Signs
- how each Planet behaves in conjunction with 1, 2, 3, or 4 other Planets
- how each Planet behaves in each of the 27 Nakshatras

- what are the rules of Dasha and Antardasha

- practical applications on Dasha and Antardasha

- what are the rules of Trasit
- practical applications on Transit
- practical charts and fascinating study cases, to fix your knowledge and skills and help you mastering the Basics of Vedic Astrology in a confident way.

Very Important!
In order to obtain the Diploma of Licence in Basics of Vedic Astrology endorsed by Dr Dharmesh Mehta all students involved in MODULE 1 must pass the 3 tests at the end of each Chapter, as well as a final test. All tests will be online in the format of Questions and Multiple Choice Options. Diploma will be issued in electronic format only, to respect our duty for the Environment. Access to MODULE 2 (Advanced Vedic Astrology) will be given only to those students who have already succeeded in MODULE 1.

How to Register?
After you have made the online payment for this Module, please save a screenshot with the proof of your payment (to make it available in case you are required) then Register Here.

Thank you, and see you soon in class!


Module 1 | Basics of Vedic Astrology


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