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“I personally believe that astrologers are like doctors. Having known the subject of astrology is not just enough, you should have good heart to understand the struggle of the person. When the person is in real trouble, you cannot make him/her wait for weeks. Dharmesh Ji is one such person who reacts to us in a day to give consultation. None of the big astrologers can do that. He is one of those wonderful persons with genuine ethics and truly understands the mind-set and the struggle of the person. The basics and technics he uses while reading in consultation and what he teaches in the videos are really rare an amazing. If you love astrology as a subject you can really take Dharmesh Ji as your guru. Society needs more gurus like you, sir.”      

Shashidhar Chawli, India

“Personally, I believe that one of the best authorities in Jyotish and the best Jyotish-Guru is Dr. Dharmesh Mehta.


I really respect this person and I very much hope that one day I will have the opportunity to become his student.


Dr. Dharmesh, my great respect to You. Thank you for Your knowledge of Jyotish, which you share with us”

Tania Dema, Canada

“I was not sure how to build my house in a smart way, to ensure the best flow of energies. Dr Dharmesh Mehta is a great Vastu adviser!”

Arjun Saimeth, India

“Dr Dharmesh Mehta has his own style of explanation of Vedic Astrology and comes up with some different perspective altogether. He is one of the best Indian astrologers. Over 30 years of experience says a lot.”

Vanita Lenka, Astrologer

“Dr Dharmesh Mehta is an absolutely fascinating medical astrologer, of India. We are honoured and proud to interview him.”

News World India Channel

“I had the pleasure to do several videos, on Youtube, together with Dr Dharmesh Mehta who is one of my favorite astrologers. After each discussion with him, a new light comes into my knowledge.”

Ksanati, Astrologer

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